Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look! A worm!

No, come here...Miss Z has a serious distaste for bugs. And while I'm not all that fond of them I've been trying at random to get her to the point of not screaming when she sees a housefly. Just a year ago she had a teacher that brought in little boxes with screens to take the pre-school class bug-hunting. Z REFUSED to go, as in "No, ain't happening. I won't even hang out with you disgusting people." Being a resourceful child she did decide to go outside but to go on a very separate Flower Hunt. She would not even look at the bugs they found.

This fall the caterpillars arrived on schedule at daycare. Thankfully I don't have them, because I kill their nests lol. But she developed a slight fondness for them and would even tolerate her brother trying to bring them home with him. The good news for me was that she too believed they should stay at daycare...because they need to be with their family and they'd be lost at our house.

Yesterday, I moved the pool away from the puppies we were trying vigorously to tire out and discovered the roly-polys are out and even found a worm. I called her over to see them and she stopped a good 8 feet away from me. I cajoled her to stand next to me and showed her how the polies would curl up if we touched them. She was not impressed. Then I pointed out the worm. I even picked him up. She informed me that he was nasty and dirty. I said "No, he cleans the dirt for us so our flowers will grow." Interesting concept. After some chatting she deigned to look closely, wondering where his face was (the concept of a girl being born a bug did not cross her mind). I convinced her to touch the worm, and eventually to hold it, but only if I held her hands under mine...I did. She screamed, threw up her arms and ran away!


  1. LMAO!! that was a very cute blog. thanks for sharing!!

  2. So I question, did mom (you), have an issue with bugs growing up. OR. Were you like some lesbians who grew up in toyboy mode?

    I was a complete tomboy, never worn a dress until college!

  3. That's so funny.
    Z is freaked out by flies and will fling himself under the table if one flies through the kitchen.
    We, however, have a worm bin for composting and T loves to study them and hold them. While Z won't hold them, he does love to feed them.
    Love how she went on a flower hunt. See ya!

  4. That sounds a lot like me when confronted with a snake! Good luck trying to get beyond that -- and I mean that sincerely : )

  5. Anonymous3/12/2009

    hee-hee, a happy little story.

    As a kid I would roll over lots of big rocks and logs looking for bugs and creatures underneath.