Monday, February 2, 2009

Loser-Boy F-ing Sucks!

Those of you familiar with my story know my eldest started dating Loser-Boy early last year. Things started nicely. He took her out, lived at home, had a job and was contemplating school or military to begin a future...One that they hoped included marriage and that I didn't. They were moving too quickly for me.

Then Loser-Boy quit and went through a series of jobs ending up jobless, homeless and eventually even carless. He lived in the broken down car for a short time. Then he supposedly sold it for $50. Sounds like addiction to me. After a friend took him in he was nailed on forgery charges and went to jail.

Loser-Boy sen Mom a sob letter about all his plans for the short-term future and how unreasonable life in jail really is. Those who have ever known someone to be locked up will only be surprised that he did not find Jesus. (Jesus must have a life sentance because he is always being found in prison, but frequently left behind when an inmate gets out.) Loser-Boy's Dad would not "allow" Mom to bail him out so she gave the money to C.

Seems that C must have taken the car we borrowed for her to drive ONLY TO WORK to bail Loser-Boy out...but how would we ever know? They got in a fight, he got drunk, and now she tells me they have broken up. C has a history of telling me things she thinks I'd like to hear. She's all over the paperwork as responsible for his bond, he has court on Friday...

Now I have to take the car away I borrowed for her to make my life easier. I HATE going out to pick her up her up from work at night. She NEEDS to to keep her job. I WISH Loser-Boy would just disa-freakin-pear from her life! His disfuntionality she lets into her life impacts me and I am sick and tired of it! AAAARRRRRGH!!!


  1. I'll volunteer my crew to eat loser-boy :)

  2. That is just scary!

  3. Is she EVER going to get it????? Sammy can eat him too or we can just let Mr Prince sit on him and suffocate him, SLOOOOOWWWWWW & PAINFUL!!!!!!!