Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dude! I got my hair Did!

I'm well know for getting a wild hair up my ass and changing my look...

Be it the hair, the house, whatever. Well one of my girlfriends posted potential hair cuts on Facebook for opinions and got her hair done. She chose straight cuts and I told her to "EMBRACE THE CURL!" She doesn't understand but then again folks with straight hair and folks with curly hair don't see eye to eye on those sorts of important topics.

Then today I went to a Diversity event (Ironic, huh? See the mention of diversity in the previous paragraph?) hosted by the African American Network at work...And the woman next to me had amazing curls. I have always envied curly hair and haven't had it since I last permed it literally a half lifetime ago at age 18. That was that and I went back to work...

But I decided I'd get my hair shaped up on the way home since while I swear I've been "growing it out" for over a year I am addicted to scissors and can't leave it the hell alone. I mentioned a perm while sitting the chair and the next thing I knew I was done up in rods, drinking fresh coffee chatting away with the lady who decided to get hers colored on a whim.

I like it. What do you think?

As I was sitting there I thought of J and Candi...We all went to a premier showing of The L Word here in town and they had the audacity to win gift certificates to a fancy schmancy salon I'd love to spend a whole day in. And when I told J how much a haircut there cost she almost had apoplexy but insisted she would appreciate now that she knew the value and no, I could not have it...

So anyway, I never bothered to ask the cost...and as I went to check out I just about choked.

Then I got home and J said she WAS giving me that certificate for Valentine's Day...Dammit! LOL


  1. Doh!

    Hey, but now you're all dolled up and ready for a hot date :)

  2. Anonymous2/13/2009

    Looks great to me. I like the no fuss, let it go wild look.