Monday, January 12, 2009

Mom, Pop a bag in her face!

Punch Her! Come On, be mean! We played the Sims as a groups tonight. KJ wanted me to get him a star but the only trouble was that it is hysterically funny to see the Sims be mean to each other. KJ was building houses with doors on the 2nd floor and no stairs. I offered helpful commentary like, "Hmm, I wonder what's through this door? AAARRRGH! SPLAT!" I had the kids laughing so hard KJ fell out of his chair - not on purpose - and complained he was "suffocating." We did all this while popping bags in folks faces and seeing them punch each other out in Town Square..I love that I can have fun with and make my kids laugh that hard.

We started cleaning their room tonight too. While I'd normally send them off to do the work at hand and kick back with a beer I got involved because it is time for The Thinning of the Toys...Moms know what this is. They did well and agreed to give up about 3 boxes worth. Combine all that with the work I'll do behind their backs and they should be able to keep up with the joint again...After dinner as I parceled out M&Ms as dessert I had a fantabulous idea. I told the kids next time I wanted thier room clean I'd hide candy in there and send them to work like a treasure hunt. I was actually joking with J and making fun of them but the were sold on it.

KJ is playing Center on his basketball team and Miss Z want to play baseball this upcoming season - trouble is KJ wants to switch from baseball to Cub Scouts so we'll have to see what happens. He's trying to sell her on football for the fall too and while I like to think I'm all forward thinking and believing in equality for all I can not see "the princess" playing football. He played with a girl this season and she was kick-ass, guess he wants his sister to be like that too.

And my sister's dog is better. She'll get her IV out tomorrow and fortunately, I guess, it turned out she had a freak case of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis...think bloody flu. NASTY! It's great news that she doesn't have another lifelong kinda thing but the vet bill for the flu sucks ass!

Now that its almost 10pm and the heathens are still chatting in the background I think I'll sign off and go spread a little fear. ;)