Thursday, January 29, 2009

Half Way There...

My son pointed out to me today that today is the 91st day of school, meaning we are more than half way through our school days until summer break. I think for most parents this may not be great news...Their schedules don't change much, but the kids want more entertainment and the costs of a full day or daycare or camp is painful for any parent. I on the other hand can't Freakin' wait...

I'm on a flexible schedule now meaning that I drop him at school and can never get to the office before 930...Not a big deal in normal times, but I currently have 915 mtg every morningn for my project. This entails me pulling over and capturing notes on the way in. On my "short days" I pick him up and we go home to cram in all the other stuff I'd normally do when they are with Dad because now when they're with him I'm working late to make up for the short days. All this juggling allows me to eliminate daycare for him and give him more time with the people who love him most in the world and not someone busting their butt for low pay (No offense, please. I think daycare workers are under trained and under paid.)

But when summer rolls around...WHOO HOO! Dad keeps them all day! So I can go in early, come home early and spend each afternoon outdoors loving my little people. We'll be outside more so there is less housework/picking up. We cook on the grill so there are fewer dishes. There's no homework so we can be a bit more carefree (KJ's awesome about it but I get stressed over time pressure.) Life will be good.

And the best part? The youngest starts school in the fall. So while I'll go back to the same uncomfortable schedule we'll still have more time with our kids and save a hell of a lot of money. I am so glad I have a good ex-husband, because while he would have never thought that strategy up on his own, he loves the kids and is sold on the dollars.


  1. Kudo's to the ex.

    Sounds like you have life under control :)