Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Ethel to my Lucy...

I talked to my sis this morning and mentioned I had to take 4 dogs to the vet. She wondered aloud "how & wh. so I explained I had J to help me. Her only response? "Poor Janice" She then explained to me that J is the Ethel to my Lucy and I laughed. I've called her Ethel all morning. The vet visit went well without any mishaps. Mama gained 14 lbs since comeing to out home and the babies have tripled in weight. They are all microchipped and just need weaning and fixing to go to their new homes. Frodo gained weight too and goes for heartworm treatment next week.

The Monster Trucks were great. I was surprised at how scripted it was but the kids totally loved it and J and I loved the suite. I'll post pics later.

KJs 1st b-ball gae was today and he did great. He's been on the street with the boys "playing" since he was 2 and he showed his skills today. I was glad to see him hustle so hard. Good morning!

And you know you're in VA when you see ice on the water and a bee out the same day. It felt frigid here early in the week but was 60+ yesterday. Go figure. Gotta run...Lucy and Ethel needs naps now!

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