Sunday, January 25, 2009

And sicnce I was tagged, why not share?

1. I love the outdoors and in the summer spend 95% of my non-working time there...On the deck, in the yard, in the pool, out at events...
2. I love to read a good book. I escape there and live it all out in my head and I hate it when it ends.
3. Photography is awesome. How else can you capture a magical moment forever? I wish I was better at it.
4. I'd love to write a book and often compose things in my head...I never remeber to write it down though.
5. I enjoy my little flower garden, I just hate weeding, though it is cathartic.
6. I do foster pups and while I love them all I am always happy to see them go to new homes.
7. I'm a learning junkie.Any idea that comes to mind is likely to get some research.
8. I don't just love dogs, it's all animals. In my lifetime I have owned fish, gerbils, hamsters, a rabbit, a ferret, dogs, cats, a snake and an iguana - I think that's it.
9. I love a clean neat house and wish I had one more often.
10. But with 3 kids and many pets it's hard to be tidy all the time.
11. My kids are awesome gifts from God.
12. I beats the odds, several of them.
13. My learning compulsion has led me to do things like lay new floors in my home and build a fence, deck rails and more.
14. I love the beach more than any other place in the world, but any other spot with moving water comes in at a close second.
15. I enjoy exploring the city I live in and while I re-visit old haunts I try to find new places too. 16. I think dog parks are a bad idea, not because of the dogs but because of the owners.
17. I was a dancer for years and gave it up, pregnant at 16.
18. I was in a beauty contest and still have the trophy.
19. I loved living in Paris for a summer and wish I could afford to travel more.
20. I'd love to live in Vermont if they could just limit winter to 2 or 3 months.
21. I hate to dress-up. I'd be happy in capris and barefoot year-round.
22. I've had some ideas that went on to be patented and sold...just not by me.
23. I'd love to get into real estate once my little ones are older.
24. I ran my 1st 10k 6 months after my 3rd child was born.
25. I really don't care for exercise but used to train religiously and my ex wanted me to join figure competition. I said no - I prefer to stay on the fringes or in the background.

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