Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Dogs Are Down with it...

The dogs are down with it...The Living Room saga, I mean. I bought new slipcovers from Surefit but they were the wrong colors so I sent them back...Then I ended up with a beautiful deep red and chocolate brown choice. I bought new pillows and curtains to go with (Gotta give in and love the gift cards I got for 10 yrs on the job!). They were great. They were stretchy, and hence not wrinkly, and they were so soft...
And yet, I own a white dog. A dog that does not know he should not shed in November - probably because it was over 70 here yesterday! So...I took them back and went with 2 shades of khaki twill slipcovers and put them on yesterday after dragging my sis all over town :)
They work. Dog hair matches AND comes off. They match the pillows and curtains I can't return. And I'll feel like I have new furniture for awhile...Someday when the kids are bigger I'll replace what I have, but not yet....Now there's still the fact that they need some ironing, but I think I'll make sure I like them 1st.
It's been a quiet warm weekend here. Lots of cleaning, shopping and J made us all a huge pot of soup. My parents are coming over and all the kids will be home soon. Man, I love weekends!

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