Sunday, July 27, 2008

Keep him on Leash!

My beloved niece has been begging her mom for a new kitty. She's over the 3 they already have and wants to "save a homeless kitty baby." I'm certain the wording is strictly designed to pull on my sister's heart strings. Her kind mother pointed out the she has Mr Prince, who was indeed a homeless, abused kitty and she was welcome to work with him on his apparent eating disorder...When he's stressed he eats and when you pick him up he emits a long non-ending growl. So you know, it's really fun to pick him up and gently bounce to get a great sound effect. It's not nice, but ooooh sooooo frickin funny.

Anyway, she solved her dilemma by getting a pet rock named Frederick. Apparently he gets better care from her than the 3 cats, 2 dog or rat all living in their house. I told Joslin she better suggest training for the rock. And to keep him on a tight leash. Id hate for him not to get proper socialization. He might get off his leash someday and attack her annoying brother! lol After just about falling over with laughter I promised not to give her any ideas there.

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