Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wow, I hit 100!

Before trying to get on with the list I'll tell you something else...I noticed many more homes for sale on my commute so I counted them on my commute. I go about 3 miles to get on Chippenhame and then wind down River Road on the way to work. There were 9 homes for sale in my neighborhood and another 27 for sale signs up and down River Rd. Unbelievable!

Now on to the list...
  1. My middle name is Veronica and I like it better than Lillian.
  2. I volunteer with the Richmond SPCA.
  3. I volunteer with Rebuilding Together
  4. I give plasma regularly
  5. Freecycle is a cool tool - check it out in your area to give and get free stuff
  6. I have 2 dogs, 6 cats and 4 fish
  7. Spring is my favorite season
  8. The beach is my favorite spot followed by the river
  9. I almost failed gym
  10. I'm a certified Project manager
  11. I have a bachelors form VCU
  12. And a Master's Certificate from GWU
  13. I have 3 AWESOME kids
  14. I'm feeling ever so glad I bought a Prius
  15. I'm divorced - and glad
  16. I was born in VT and still visit yearly
  17. I have a tattoo
  18. My nose is pierced
  19. I have 9 earring holes
  20. I've been told I had cancer twice - cervical and ovarian - and beat the odds
  21. I love floating on a tube down the river
  22. Deck sitting is fabulous
  23. Beer is a great beverage
  24. So is coffee
  25. My dad has Parkinson's and it breaks my heart
  26. My oldest is graduating from high school next month and I think I'm still in denial
  27. My middle child loves sports - football, baseball, basketball, street hockey and more
  28. My youngest is a total girly-girl, but still uses a "nubby" at the age of 4
  29. I was relieved when the dentist said not to worry b/c her teeth are fine
  30. I love flowers
  31. Backyard swimming is one of the best ideas ever
  32. Camping was one of the best vacations I've taken b/c we really connected
  33. I spent all my summers growing up in Florida
  34. Jet skiing is lots of fun
  35. Saneing is a great way to teach kids about the ocean
  36. I've been in the ocean and surviving seeing a shark nearby
  37. I've gotten 2 speeding tickets in one day
  38. I've also gotten 2 in the same spot
  39. I've run in the Monument Ave 10k
  40. I'm in the Susan G Komen 5k this weekend
  41. My parent have been married 40 ears
  42. I have 1 sister, 1 niece and one nephew
  43. My goal for 2008 is to dedicate time and money to my house - I've already laid floors in 3 rooms
  44. I loved hanging out at the environmental center with my aunt growing up
  45. I love auctions in Vt
  46. I love going mushrooming with my aunt
  47. She is the best cook in the whole world
  48. I got pregnant at 16
  49. I married at 27
  50. I divorced at 34
  51. You do the math...
  52. I have a green thumb
  53. I've decided I'm way too cynical for dating now - maybe later, I'm happy now
  54. I like baking but hate cooking
  55. The only thing I hate more than cooking is laundry
  56. I can't stand lying
  57. I hate cheating - in every form
  58. I love the spiders and toads at my house, but the snakes can move on (sorry Nina)
  59. I miss my cousins who have spread out around the US
  60. And my Aunt Nonie and Uncle Tony in Ohio
  61. Happy Hour with friends is a great way to spend time
  62. I have a hot tub on the deck now
  63. I put up a shed all by myself last year in my yard
  64. My dog Sprout has had 2 knee surgeries
  65. I want to - in the far future - be owned by a Frenchie
  66. I'm not loving my new job and wonder if I made the right career move
  67. I'm considering teaching next, but the pay cut would suck eggs!
  68. I've found sand dollars at the beach - being aware of the world around you is great
  69. I know how to catch a spider web
  70. I can pick up a wild snake
  71. I used to own a ferret
  72. I used to have gerbils
  73. I owned an iguana
  74. and a boa constrictor
  75. and Boston terriers all through my childhood
  76. My maiden name is Pettis
  77. And I'll go back to it once my little ones are older
  78. I was in a fashion show at the Southern Women's show this year
  79. I was in and won a trophy in a beauty contest
  80. I've had a breast reduction and love them now!
  81. chocolate and peanut butter are my favorite
  82. I like cool colors and currently have my living room painted yellow and blue
  83. I'm creative like that - I have picket fence around my deck
  84. I love skiing and sledding - but don't get to do that much here
  85. hiking is cool
  86. I love reading in the hammock
  87. I grow grapes and blackberries at home and hope to put in a full garden next year
  88. My car is always a disaster zone
  89. I used to be called the Ice Queen
  90. I don't use my grill as much as I'd like
  91. I didn't walk the stage for my college graduation - they mailed me my diploma
  92. I don't do a great job connecting with friends as I'd like to
  93. I get to church about once or twice a month
  94. I love to start the day with coffee and the paper on the deck on a cool summer morning
  95. I prefer shopping online to the stores
  96. Unless it's somewhere fun like Carytown
  97. I've soooo outgrown the bar scene
  98. I don't imagine I'll ever marry again, but know things can change
  99. I can spend the whole day at Barnes & Noble - I love books
  100. I think we should all take daily naps.

Now you might know me a bit better. I hope you enjoyed my list.


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  1. great list Lily!
    and I'm doing the same thing as you on putting in a full garden next year!