Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well the long weekend is over but summer is just beginning! Yay!

Chantal had prom Friday and not only looked stunning but had a wonderful time too! I spread over 2500 lbs of dirt leveling the right side of the yard to put up our new 13' metal frame pool...After driving to Disputanta and shoveling my own dirt I did the math on all the freakin bags I had to buy. It seemed like no matter how much dirt I had it didn't amount to anything

once you spread it out! We got about 60 40 lb bags plus the truckload I shoveled myself! Next I'll try to get gravel or something down in the bordered area I created thinking this would be such an easy freakin' project! And so we spent all of Monday in the pool. Or rather KJ did. I thought it was cold and hung out in the shade with chips and beer. ;)

It looks like this is the last week of homework for KJ - THANK GOD!!! You wouldn't think I'd hate homework so much as an adult but it really cramps my style. I can't wait to spend every leisurely evening outdoors watching the kids do endless tricks in the pool.

Chantal graduates from high school in oooooh, 2 weeks, and her cap and gown still have not arrived. Guess I better check on that, though I'd rather send her back to kindergarten and have her little all over again...provided there would be no projects or homework involved...We just did KJ's book report last night and turned it in today - 4 days late. I swear I was trying to be the "mean mommy" but we kept forgetting about the damn thing. I hope he'll get credit

The puppies are gone and life is almost back to normal...The dogs are still acting out a bit so Sprout had to be crated a couple of nights. He seems to be back on track now and slept with us last night.

I go for skin cancer screening Friday and am in an adopt-a-thon for the SPCA so I took the day off - Gotta love a 3 day work week. And since I'm now on 3 projects work is busy - finally. Too bad it wasn't times for the short, dark days of winter...It's a heck of a lot easier to be slow and bored in the summer. ;)

Gotta run. Have Fun!

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