Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 5 and that many rolls of toilet paper...

Well, may be not that many but definitely 2 and another 3 rolls of paper towels. I know all puppies do is eat, poop, pee, sleep, play, poop and pee, but I forgot what having a litter of them is like. I do enjoy them and they have caught onto the routine but man can they piddle! We spend time holding and loving each one a few times a day and give them time and space to run in the yard and they love it. Many friends have asked how I can foster puppies and not want to keep them all...I'm guessing they have never tried to take care of 5 puppies at one time along with 2 dogs, 3 kids, cats and fish all living at home at the same time. The kids love them all dearly and everyone has a favorite now. They can't quite understand though why I don't want them to run ahead of me into the house and let the little beasts loose (without ushering them to the back door) before I can put my things down. It's all good and I'll miss the little buggers when I return them to the SPCA Thursday...but then I can keep my house clean again. :)

After the 5k to raise funds to help cure breast cancer we went to the Berry Farm Saturday too. We picked 9 baskets - I can never remember the difference between a quart and a pint but these were the big ones. I gave 2 away - 1 to Mom and one to my sis and figured I'd better freeze some since we'd never eat 7 baskets of berries! Well it's been 3 days and I only have 2 left. We've had berries with every meal. They are so ripe and so sweet and sooo juicy! They are out early this year but man are they good! It's well worth the drive to get fresh berries off the vine! Of course they had other "events" to keep you entertained too...The kids played in the corn bin, cooked hot dogs over a fire, took pony rides, rode the barrel train, visited the jumpy house watched pig races and visited bunnyville. Whew!

Mother's day was nice too. KJ got to spend the night with Mee-Maw and had a blast. I got up at 6 to begin "slopping the dogs" - ha ha, sounds like hogs - and Z joined me. We made coffee, ate strawberry shortcake and I read the paper while she colored and watched Sprout. I got a nap (slept through church) and had breakfast when I got up...Z & J made bacon, muffins and eggs. Then I went to my Mom's for a nice visit and my sis and her fam showed up too. We went out for mexican for dinner and all collapsed happily into bed at the end of the day. I hope you had a great Mother's Day too.
Here are some more pics...

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