Saturday, May 31, 2008

Crazy Girl...

My skin cancer screening went well. I found out I have about 5 benign nevuses (sp?) to watch since the developed in adulthood, but they are no real cause for concern. That's nice to hear, though the Doctor basically promised me that between the family history, my individual history and skin tone, etc I will get skin cancer in my 50's or 60's - that doesn't seem so polite, now does it.? :)

And I'm fortering an Olde English Bulldogge now. He lived his prior life chained in a yard (ence no housetraining) and he's got heartworm. They want to treat him but couldn't until they could get him a foster home where he can be kept quiet and isolated...This is where I came in. They didn't have any foster homes open and I fit the bill. I did lay down that I'd have to make sure Layla wouldn't try to eat him and I'll be damned if she didn't. Their introduction went well and I had all 3 loose in the yard last last night. He is a very, very sweet little loving, happy dog so I'm glad to help him. Heartworm treatment is dangerous and could kill him, but heartworms would certainly kill him, so it's worth a shot. I'll post a pic later, but so far I've been busy getting him clean and happy enought to actually live here. He even let me do his nails without so much as a whimper. I'll think he'll do just fine.

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