Monday, December 10, 2007

Warm Days and Cool Nights

You know it snowed last week. Today will be 70-75 and all my windows are cracked. VA weather is always so crazy but if it's not going to snow I'll take it!
We had a great weekend including movie night Friday. The kids were camped out on the floor to watch A Nightmare Before Christmas with a big bowl of popcorn and 3 loving dogs. The dogs love popcorn and really hoped for some. lol
Saturday we made a day trip to Ikea and I got the curtains I've been wanting. We went to the mall and the kids picked out a Xmas present for their Dad which KJ immediately wrapped when we got home. They chose one for their sister too and blurted it out over dinner Sunday. We had dinner at Aunt Sarah's and I can honestly say it was a wonderful day. They behaved wonderfully and had a great time.
Sunday we took advantage of the weather to hit the playground after church, rake leaves, clean the car, grill out and play in the hot tub.
With such a busy weekend we all overslept this morning, but it was worth it! :)

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