Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Something changed.

I was thinking about my blog and puzzling over the fact that so many of my stories are about KJ. It seems he is my wild child and the more creative in terms of trouble so far, but something in my house has changed.

Zaria is still my little "secretary" following me around "taking notes" and "making lists" though she hasn't asked me to "come to her office in some time." As she approaches 4 though I notice she is no longer content to sit back and take what her brother dishes out while whining and crying. Now she hauls off and hits him as hard as she can...and when she thinks I'm not looking it's no longer than uncommon to see her picking on him. God forbid he make her mad. Then she just goes after him. He tackled her on the couch yesterday and she just started whaling on him...and when he told her "Mommy said no juice at bedtime, but you can have some in the morning, sweetie" she kicked him. Seems the princess is on a rampage to rule the roost. When we correct her she breaks down in tears proclaiming "now I'm on punishment" regardless that she has no real understanding of the phrase or declaring "I'm mad! You're not my best friend anymore and now I don't have one!"...All designed to make us feel bad and comfort her for her bad behavior. Four should be an interesting year.

Chantal passed her SOLs and is happy with her job now. She got a raise and is working more hours and constantly on the go...She's in for a rude awakening I'm afraid once school starts and she loses some of that freedom she so values. We shall see...


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