Friday, August 17, 2007

Big Storm

It was a nice evening last night with my friend Candi over for dinner in addition to my sister and her kids dropping through and Janice running late. We sat on the deck chatting and enjoying the evening as we watched the kids splash what felt like 1/2 of the pool all over my deck. Then the winds picked up and we felt the cool air. It was quite dramatic. I had already told them rain was coming and they agreed it might. We looked up and saw 1/2 my yard was dark while the other still in the sun. So, while the winds picked up and the kids went in we picked up the deck. I commented that I'd rather sit on the deck and watch it all roll in. They insisted that sitting on a deck next to a pool in metal chairs was not a good idea with a thunderstorm on the way...Amazing how easy it is to lose all judgement when no kids are involved, eh?

Once we went in the rain started and Janice showed up wet, but none the worse for wear. Joslin and Candi decided shortly thereafter to hightail it for home so Janice and I decided to watch a movie to end the night. Of course the power went out. I opened the front door to watch the storm and saw 4-5 strikes of lightning coming down at a time. It was awesome but truly the lightning was so bright it actually hurt my eyes.

Once it died down I took the dogs out one last time, amazed at how soggy my yard was and went to bed without another thought about it. This morning I was pleasantly surprised to find it rained so much my pool had re-filled itself. (What a nice little gift.) I think I talk about that darn pool way to much, but I promise you, we have to enjoy it now...Kids are only little once and fall is on the way...Then I assure you we'll be on to other topics. lol

I saw many trees totally taken down on the way to work today and was again grateful that I am a lucky girl. I hope your yard and house is fine too. Have a great day! Lil

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